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For the validation stage, the relationship between the values was analyzed (number of errors and percentage of correct answers) of the original and adapted TCST in each ear (Table 1).
This correlation shows that it is not possible to use the reference values of the original TCST to adapted TCST, since the forces of correlation between the test is not strong.
There are errors and distant percentages, which does not allow that the values of the adapted TCST could be used based on the values of the original TCST.
This study was motivated by the problems related to the use of TCST in clinical practice, including the fatigue of the patients and the difficulty of maintaining sustained attention throughout the test execution.
It is important to note that this procedure occurred because TCST was already written in Portuguese and the original words were appropriate to the context of the patients (common words).
In this research, it was observed that the adapted TCST is as sensitive as the original TCST, but it needs some reference values.
According to Table 1, it is also possible to observe that there was no difference between the two tests as the mean number of errors and the percentage of correct answers for each ear, since the original TCST presented a higher number of errors and consequently the adapted TCST obtained the highest percentage of correct answers.
In our study, the results differ from the ones found in this research, since it is believed that TCST needed to be adjusted depending on the time required for application of the original test and consequently the propensity to error due to the difficulty in maintaining the sustained attention.
By correlating the original TCST and the adapted TCST (Table 2), it can be noticed that there was a correlation between the two tests, with moderate value.
The findings of this study differ from the ones mentioned above, because the correlation was significant when comparing the results of the correct answers from the original TCST and adapted TCST.
That is, the association between one's score on the Woodcock Johnson Story Recall and reported problems following a series of spoken instructions is understandable, as are the associations between working memory (DS) and problems following long conversations, between performance on the TCST and needing more time than others to process spoken information, and between performance on the SSW and problems understanding when looking at the person who is speaking.
FHQ Item Performance Variable r-Value Difficulty understanding TCST (60% compression) -0.306 on telephone.