TCTGTennis Club Tenero-Gordola (Switzerland)
TCTGThe Carlsbad Technology Group (San Diego, CA)
TCTGThe Canadian Tire Guy (TV commercial character)
TCTGTotal Cradle to Grave (Boston Limited; UK)
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The most common NPM1 mutation, type A, accounting for 75 to 80% of all NPM1 mutations, is an insertion of TCTG. Mutations B and D are observed in about 10% and 5% of NPM1 positive AML, respectively (Thiede et al., 2006; Suzuki et al., 2005; Dohner et al., 2005; Verhaak et al., 2005; Schnittger et al., 2005).
Virus (isolate) Primer sequence Brazilian Foreign (5'-3') GenBank isolate / nucleotide Origin accession GFkV CCCTCTCCGCCTCG JN022610 MT48, Italy (BF) TCTG (v) GCCTCGGTTCATG Cl-1155, ACGAG (c) Chile GVD GACGCAGGGATGT JQ031715 (Dolc) Italy (Dolc and Garg) ACCTTAGGACG (v) CCTCTACTTATGG JQ031716 (Garg) Italy AAATTGCGCTC (c) GLRaV-5 ATGTCTGGATCAG JQ821315 Colg.
Locus Size Range Chromosome Dye Label Designation (base pairs) Location (1) Blue d3S1358 114-142 3p Blue vWA 157-197 12p Blue FGA 219-267 4q Green Amelogenin 107 and 113 X (107), Y(113) Green D8S117 128-168 8p Green D21S11 218-242 2p Green D18S51 273-341 18q Yellow D5S818 135-171 5q Yellow D13S317 206-234 13q Yellow D7S820 254-294 7q Variable Repeated Dye Label Sequence Motif (2) Blue (TCTG)(1-3) (TCTA) (n) Blue (TCTG) (3-4) (TCTA) (n) Blue (CTTT) (n) Green Green (TCTA) (n) (TCTG) (n)--(TCTA) (n) Green (TCTR (3)) (n) Green (AGAA) (n) Yellow (AGAT) (n) Yellow (GATA) (n) Yellow (GATA) (n) This table is modified from the AmpFlsTr[R] ProfilerPlus kit manual.