TCTOTime Compliance Technical Order
TCTOTrans Canada Trail Ontario (Peterborough, Ontario, Canada)
TCTOThomas Cook Tour Operations (Orlando, FL)
TCTOTechnical Committees in Technical Operations
TCTOTravel Compensatory Time Off
TCTOTravis County Tax Office (Austin,TX)
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In accordance with the TCTO, in-depth visual and modified nondestructive inspections of the wing box are being conducted on affected C-130H and J-model aircraft that have not received the extended service life center wing box and have greater than 15,000 equivalent flight hours.
To correct the problem, the TMTCG developed an inexpensive and simple field-level Time Compliance Technical Order (TCTO).
A grounding maintenance condition could be almost anything, ranging from the replacement of a leaking fuel cell to the completion of scheduled maintenance or a time compliance technical order (TCTO).
Goodly's fuel leak discovery and Sgt Butler and Johnson's impeccable inspection techniques spawned an Urgent Action Time Compliance Technical Order (TCTO).
He had another set manufactured resulting in TCTO 1B-2A-952, successfully validated and verified on B-2 A0331.
He performed the first aircraft installation as part of the time compliance technical order (TCTO) evaluation for proper fit, function, and maintenance procedures.
A1C Hamilton was inspecting 10 MHU-141 trailers used to transport and load Air Launched Cruise Missiles and Advanced Cruise Missiles on B-52 aircraft for compliance with a recent Time Compliance Technical Order (TCTO).
He is a meticulous inspector: discovered improperly routed 3-ring system on freefall rig, led TCTO 14D3-10-524 planning/execution leading to the replacement of 84 parachute release fittings, identified 12 damaged ACES II parachute containers and then coordinated/performed their repair.
TCTO 1269 specifically requires replacement of all aluminum brackets; steel and aluminum may not be mixed.
TCTOS SCC1 (MVA) Loss (kWh) LRR Case I 20 140.7-142.3 1319.3 70.9% Case II 12 138.6-142.3 1324.2 70.8% Case III -- -- -- -- Note.