TCTPThird Country Training Program (various nations)
TCTPTranslationally-Controlled Tumor Protein
TCTPTotal Company Training Plan (Singapore Workforce Development Agency)
TCTPTown Centre Transport Package (UK)
TCTPThailand Canada Telecentre Project (communication technologies project)
TCTPThrust Cell Technologies Program
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Renewing our TCTP will enhance the Japan, Egypt, and Africa cooperation toward training the African youth," Omura mentioned.
Strikingly, the knockdowns of nine genes (Mgat1, YL-1, HINT1, RhoGAP68f, Liprin-alpha, Ide, Mp20, Cam, and Tctp), which showed increased tumor formation prevalences, also resulted in significantly increased metastasis formation frequencies ranging between 2- and 7-fold (Figure 3b) in the eyeful flies, further supporting the potential tumor suppressor activity of these genes.
vera significantly down-regulated the expression of TCTP in hemocytes.
Histamine and TCTP are significantly reduced in AD brain compared to age-matched control, suggesting that decreased histamine levels impair cognitive function in AD [35].
A avaliacao do CTP a partir do TCTP:OE se deu com base nos cinco itens que encontram-se validados para Futebol (Morales e Colaboradores, 2011): 1: "Movimenta-se procurando receber a bola" (Jogador sem bola no ataque-JSB) e 2: "Passa ao colega sem marcacao e posiciona-se para receber" (Jogador com bola no ataque-JCB), relacionados a situacoes de ataque, e os itens 3: "Apoia aos colegas na defesa (cobertura) quando sao superados pelo adversario" (Marcador do jogador sem bola-MJSB), 4: "Apoia ao colega na defesa quando o jogador com bola tem dificuldade para domina-la" (Marcador do jogador sem bola-MJSB) e 5: "Pressiona ao adversario levando-o para os cantos do campo de jogo" (Marcador do jogador com bola-MJCB), relacionados a situacoes de defesa.
Essa longa e exitosa parceria tecnica levou o Brasil a se engajar no Programa de Parceria BrasilJapao (JBPP), o qual ensejou a primeira experiencia brasileira na modalidade triangular de Cooperacao Tecnica por meio do Programa de Treinamento para Terceiros Paises (TCTP), criado e aplicado pelos japoneses.
TCTP (Translationally-controlled tumor protein), originally discovered in Ehrlich ascites tumor cells, is an anti-apoptotic protein that is highly expressed in many cancer cells (Gnanasekar et al., 2009).
Cheesman et al., "Malaria parasites can develop stable resistance to artemisinin but lack mutations in candidate genes atp6 (encoding the sarcoplasmic and endoplasmic reticulum [Ca.sup.2+] ATPase), tctp, mdr1, and cg10," Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy, vol.
Los genes que codifican para la TCTP y la PR1 fueron seleccionados para detectar su presencia en variedades cubanas y especies de tabaco (N.
The translationally controlled tumor protein (TCTP) was initially described as an abundant growth-related (Yenofsky et al., 1983) and highly conserved 19-kDa protein (Thaw et al.,7 2001).
Doctors from the two countries then worked together to establish a Third Country Training Programme (TCTP) with the financial support of JICA.
A number of trees must be removed from Littleton Street West, as part of the Town Centre Transport Package (TCTP) - either because they already cause a safety hazard for motorists or will once the new road is operational.