TCTRTower City Trail Riders (now Rausch Creek Trailriders; Valley View, PA)
TCTRThe Colors Turned Red (Norway; band)
TCTRTraffic Control Temporary Runaround (Indiana Department of Transportation)
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The proxy of the variable bank capital is TCTR and it has average value of 16.07 which shows that all the banks in the sample have averagely 16% capital.
According to our findings, Total Capital to Total Risk Weighted Assets (TCTR) has negative impact on the credit risks taken by the bank.
This 'streamlined' (53) approach of the Rome Statute, such that the forms of criminal responsibility apply uniformly to the general crimes within the jurisdiction of the Court, certainly excludes the potential contradictions and overlaps between the genocide provisions and those providing for individual criminal responsibility found in the statutes of the ICTY and TCTR. (55)
Locus Size Range Chromosome Dye Label Designation (base pairs) Location (1) Blue d3S1358 114-142 3p Blue vWA 157-197 12p Blue FGA 219-267 4q Green Amelogenin 107 and 113 X (107), Y(113) Green D8S117 128-168 8p Green D21S11 218-242 2p Green D18S51 273-341 18q Yellow D5S818 135-171 5q Yellow D13S317 206-234 13q Yellow D7S820 254-294 7q Variable Repeated Dye Label Sequence Motif (2) Blue (TCTG)(1-3) (TCTA) (n) Blue (TCTG) (3-4) (TCTA) (n) Blue (CTTT) (n) Green Green (TCTA) (n) (TCTG) (n)--(TCTA) (n) Green (TCTR (3)) (n) Green (AGAA) (n) Yellow (AGAT) (n) Yellow (GATA) (n) Yellow (GATA) (n) This table is modified from the AmpFlsTr[R] ProfilerPlus kit manual.