TCTSTactical Combat Training System
TCTSTrans-Canada Telephone System (Canada)
TCTSTactical Communication Systems Technical Standards
TCTSTelemetry and Command Test Set
TCTSTactical Communications Technical Standards
TCTSTank Crew Turret Simulator
TCTSTandberg Certified TMS Specialization
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The man to complete the trio will be electronic music DJ and producer TCTS from Manchester.
"The Joint Tactical Networking Center (JTNC) attributes incorporation of the SCA 4.1 in the TCTS INC II contract to the successful collaboration between the JTNC and PMA-205 with the aim of effectively employing the open systems architecture tenets of Better Buying Power 3.0," said JTNC's Standards Director, Francis Van Syckle.
There are four possible reasons why significant differences were observed in the TCTs between the two groups.
In TCTS [8], temperature is used to autonomously calibrate the local oscillator.
The MIS also involves the deployment of traditional circumcision teams (TCTs) headed by traditional leaders in all districts.
The TCTS 10600 system also offers intuitive scroll-through programming and a large, bright display to show functions at glance--operators can easily adjust time, volume and temperature.
Its only remedy was to join the Trans-Canada Telephone System--the association of major telephone companies--that assured it of a profitable future at the expense of limiting its independence in leasing capacity to customers outside the TCTS. When the CRTC ruled the move to be contrary to the public interest, Cabinet acted to overturn the CRTC decision.
This expertise was primarily responsible for their lower TCTs with the cane alone.
Theater Development Fund's TCTS booths represented 11.8% of the
Teach Children to Save (TCTS) is a national campaign that raises awareness about the important role that banks and bankers play in helping young people develop lifelong savings habits.
Seeing how well TCTs (tilted component telescopes) could perform, he chose to tackle a 3-mirror version: the Stevick-Paul design.