TCUPTravis Credit Union Park (stadium; California)
TCUPTribal Colleges and Universities Program (Canada)
TCUPThinking Correctly under Pressure
TCUPThe Collective Unconsciousness Project (website)
TCUPTri-Cities Ultimate Players (British Columbia, Canada)
TCUPTesting Conceptual Understanding in Physics (research project; est. 1998)
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And here's something different, a half-hour session on TCUP - Thinking Correctly Under Pressure.
of Dollars Awards (in 1000s) Awards (in 1000s) ATE 132 44,545 142 44,414 CCLI 14 1,488 6 408 Noyce 0 0 0 0 SFS 1 75 1 100 S-STEM 33 9,721 5 35 STEP 4 2,586 4 4,407 TCUP 19 10,358 27 9,960 Other EHR 5 2,101 8 1,722 Other NSF 11 2,235 15 1,727 TOTAL NSF 219 73,018 208 62,773 FY 2006 Program No.
TCUP - Woodward's favourite buzzword meaning Thinking Clearly Under Pressure - was smashed to pieces by an inspired and gleeful All Blacks.
In my first year I also went to Sci Fi society and TCUPS (said Tea-cups) which is The Cardiff University Purcell Singers (we mostly sang Disney).
Al Grupo de Investigacion en Tampere para la Sociologia Cultural y Politica (TCuPS) por la retroalimentacion en su seminario.
Reconocimientos: Especial agradecimiento al Profesor Pertti Alasuutari, de la Universidad de Tampere, en Finlandia, y al Grupo de Investigacion de Tampere para la Sociologia Cultural y Politica (TCuPS, por sus siglas en ingles) por el espacio y el tiempo otorgado para la reflexion y el analisis de mis ideas plasmadas en este escrito.
With a runtime of close to 1 hour (3591 seconds), this results in a performance of 11.8 trillion cell updates per second (TCUPS), which signifies close to 3000x higher performance than a 3.0 GHz Xeon thread, replacing a full rack of commodity servers.