TCUPTravis Credit Union Park (stadium; California)
TCUPTribal Colleges and Universities Program (Canada)
TCUPThinking Correctly under Pressure
TCUPThe Collective Unconsciousness Project (website)
TCUPTri-Cities Ultimate Players (British Columbia, Canada)
TCUPTesting Conceptual Understanding in Physics (research project; est. 1998)
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Earlier this year, Senator Hirono led a letter with 11 of her colleagues requesting strong funding for NSFs broadening participation programs, which include TCUP. Last Congress (2017-2018) she also introduced a legislative plan to address the lack of women and minorities in STEM professions and careers, which included two bills S.
And here's something different, a half-hour session on TCUP - Thinking Correctly Under Pressure.
of Dollars Awards (in 1000s) Awards (in 1000s) ATE 132 44,545 142 44,414 CCLI 14 1,488 6 408 Noyce 0 0 0 0 SFS 1 75 1 100 S-STEM 33 9,721 5 35 STEP 4 2,586 4 4,407 TCUP 19 10,358 27 9,960 Other EHR 5 2,101 8 1,722 Other NSF 11 2,235 15 1,727 TOTAL NSF 219 73,018 208 62,773 FY 2006 Program No.
TCUP - Woodward's favourite buzzword meaning Thinking Clearly Under Pressure - was smashed to pieces by an inspired and gleeful All Blacks.
The funds, which are awarded through NSFs Tribal Colleges and Universities Program (TCUP), will be used to support programs, internships and curriculum updates to help more NHSC students complete science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) degrees and enter into STEM professions.
In my first year I also went to Sci Fi society and TCUPS (said Tea-cups) which is The Cardiff University Purcell Singers (we mostly sang Disney).
Al Grupo de Investigacion en Tampere para la Sociologia Cultural y Politica (TCuPS) por la retroalimentacion en su seminario.
Reconocimientos: Especial agradecimiento al Profesor Pertti Alasuutari, de la Universidad de Tampere, en Finlandia, y al Grupo de Investigacion de Tampere para la Sociologia Cultural y Politica (TCuPS, por sus siglas en ingles) por el espacio y el tiempo otorgado para la reflexion y el analisis de mis ideas plasmadas en este escrito.
With a runtime of close to 1 hour (3591 seconds), this results in a performance of 11.8 trillion cell updates per second (TCUPS), which signifies close to 3000x higher performance than a 3.0 GHz Xeon thread, replacing a full rack of commodity servers.