TCVCThompson Clive Venture Capital (UK and US offices)
TCVCTunneled Central Venous Catheter (nephrology)
TCVCTwin Cities Vipassana Collective (Minneapolis, MN)
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Table 2 Number of female rats milted, full term pregnancy and loss rates (%) before and after implantation of the blastocyst in the pregnant rats of the Control, TBVC and TCVC groups.
In the group treated with copaiba oleoresin vaginal cream (TCVC) the mean fetal weight was 4.82 g and the placental weight was around 0.5 g, determining a mean placental index of 0.08 g.
This revelation occurred in the uterus of three rats (3/6) treated with the copaiba oleoresin vaginal cream (TCVC) and in the uterus of all the rats (5/5) of the control group.
Table 4 Weight of the placentas {placental weight) of the female rats from the Control, TBVC and TCVC groups, expressed as mean and standard deviation.
The majority of newborn pups of female rats of the TCVC and TBVC groups presented weights which were classified as Adequate for the Age of Pregnancy (AAP), of 72.1% and 72.5%, respectively.
From female rats treated with Copaiba Vaginal Cream (TCVC), Base Cream (TBVC) and Control.
The total count for ossification points was, on average, 42.3, 39.6 and 39.9, respectively, for the Control, TBVC and TCVC groups.
In spite of the occurrence of anomalies and/or malformations detected in the TBVC and TCVC groups, this difference was not considered significant.
Table 7 Mean and Standard deviation of the ossification points for newborn pups of female rats of the Control, TBVC and TCVC groups.