TCVDThermal Chemical Vapor Deposition
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TCVD involves street-by-street inspection of businesses nationwide
A good comparison of TCVD and low-pressure CVD grown CNTs was done by Wang et al.
Figure 3 indicates that in TCVD, nickel particles are encapsulated with a layer of carbon, and CNT growth originates from the outer carbon layer.
The catalytic particles in the TCVD growth are found to be the largest of the three types of growth for the conditions used.
The grown and vertically aligned CNTs forest was finally subjected to fluorocarbon polymer deposition by TCVD method.
TCVD system equipped with nichrome coil was first evacuated, and then dry nitrogen was purged thoroughly into the reactor to make it oxygen free.
[C.sub.3][F.sub.6]O gas was purged into TCVD reactor from inlet port in such a manner that the whole gas had a contact with the coil.