TCVMTraditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine
TCVMTerrain Constrained Vehicle Motion
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I completed most of my acupuncture training last year at the Chi Institute of TCVM. Unfortunately, illness (nothing serious) bumped me out of my last session, which I will complete this year.
Many internal medicine conditions, cancers, and even dermatology cases can be treated successfully with TCVM.
The four pillars of TCVM are: 1) acupuncture, 2) herbal therapy, 3) food therapy (diet), and 4) tui na, which is massage/acupressure therapy.
According to TCVM, there is a life force called Qi (pronounced Chee), which energizes and controls all life functions.
Balance is the goal in TCVM; with balance there is health.
Lameness is the bane of the horse owner, and often TCVM can come alongside conventional treatment, or will work when traditional therapies fail.
OK, before you dismiss me as some left-over hippie snowflake from the 1960s (although I am the right age), please understand I am actually a battle hardened, cynical, slow-to-change crusty old Southern vet, maybe even a bit of a redneck, so my positive impressions on TCVM are not due to some hopeful "rose colored glasses" placebo effect.
The results are analysed and prioritized using the TCVM approach, taking into account the vulnerabilities on the virtual machine and its importance to the organisation, the virtual machine's exposure based on the hybrid network topology and security controls in place, and threat intelligence on available and active exploits in the wild.