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(35) Only after this was a fait accompli was the TCWG notified.
In terms of its philosophical stance on human research protection, TCWG adopted a participant-centred perspective.
(39) Accordingly, the TCWG was highly attentive to the situation of vulnerable communities in research and so refused on principle to design a code on collectivities that applied exclusively to research involving Aboriginal people.
As the TCWG moved toward completion of the second draft of the Code, it gave attention to questions of implementation and suggested to the Councils that they provide help to institutions during the transition to the new rules.
As well, drafting a section on the participation of women in research turned out to be more difficult than anticipated when the then lead author for that section failed to provide a draft text in a timely manner--thus leaving it to other members of the TCWG to fill the gap.
As the one member of TCWG who participated in all these meeting, I saw a rather uncivil side of the academic community with verbally abusive behaviour and, in one case, out right manipulation of fair process by a meeting chair.
At a November 1997 meeting of Canadians for Health Research on Research Ethics Boards, the President of Concordia and the first Chair of TCWG, Fred Lowy spoke about the attitude of senior Canadian university administrators toward the draft Code.
(44) Informally members of the TCWG heard that the Department of Justice had intervened.
When members of TCWG saw the TCPS text, they asked to be disassociated from it.
I now focus on lessons that can be learned from the four seasons of the TCWG. The first lesson concerns the process of policy making.
It was striking in the many missives and comments received by the TCWG how very little was said about research participants and how much was said about researchers.
I believe that the TCWG did raise the bar in significant ways.