TCWVTotal Column Water Vapour
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2d; conducive to higher JAS rainfall in SEA), and higher TCWV (Fig.
Maps of Jul-Sep 2016 (c) mean sea level pressure anomalies (hPa), and (d) TCWV anomalies (%), from a 1981-2000 baseline (due to the length of ERA-Interim).
1]) and (d) MSLP average anomalies (hPa) in warm EIO conditions, (e) TCWV trend (% [decade.
The study uses time series of the TCWV and water vapor mixing ratio profiles from ground-based remote sensing instruments and in situ soundings from five GRUAN sites (Lindenberg, Payerne, Potenza, Sodankyla, and Southern Great Plains) during 201012 and demonstrates the potential of entropy and mutual correlation, defined in information theory, as metrics for quantifying synergies.
To further elucidate the physical processes responsible for high TCWV band formation, Boutle et al.
In this paper, we will perform a kinematic analysis of the properties of a climatology of 200 extratropical cyclones and quantify the relative contribution of different processes leading to the formation of high TCWV bands in the atmosphere.
To determine the relative importance of processes leading to the formation of high TCWV bands in the atmosphere, we calculate the individual terms in the water vapor budget for each gridbox column within the cyclone system (defined here as a region within 1500 km of the cyclone center).
TCWV is a measure of the total amount of water vapor in the atmosphere.
Figure 2e shows the instantaneous column-integrated saturation, calculated using ERA-Interim TCWV and temperature fields.
In this case, therefore, the high TCWV band shown in Fig.
Thus, the relative motion of the cold front acts to form and maintain the filament of high TCWV values parallel to the cold front as the cyclone moves poleward.
It is shown that, as the cold front moves cyclonically toward the warm front, causing the warm sector to narrow, local convergence of water vapor occurs along the cold front and is thus responsible for creating the band of high TCWV.