TCXOTemperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator
TCXOTemperature-Controlled Crystal Oscillator
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m], is injected to the voltage-controlled crystal oscillator (VCXO) instead of the TCXO.
It provides two phase-synchronous sine wave outputs up to 171 MHz and matching LVCMOS outputs, serial control, 500-MHz external clock input, and on-board TCXO stable to [+ or -]1.
5ppm TCXO, Flash memory, LDO regulator, DC/DC switching regulator, and passive components.
Wi2Wi added that its 0008i module is fully certified for regulatory compliance and includes an integrated TCXO and RTC clock as well as a SAW filter and LNA.
The 408A is equipped with a [+ or -]2-ppm onboard TCXO clock, or it can accept an external clock source up to 300 MHz.
An integrated TCXO that has robust low drift thermal characteristics provides an accurate clock source for the RF transceiver.
Fox Electronics has announced the XpressO-TC, a new TCXO with custom frequencies up to 250 MHz.
The model ZT600 is a high stability, surface-mount TCXO.
With the new atomic oscillator and a product lineup that already includes families of high-precision crystal oscillators in the OCXO, VCXO, and TCXO categories, Epson will support the development of small, reliable systems by providing timing devices for a wide range of equipment that are used in the construction of optical telecommunications networks and other future high-capacity networks.