TCYTracy Municipal Airport (Tracy, CA)
TCYThird Country
TCYThe College Years (television show)
TCYTalbot County YMCA (Young Men's Christian Association; Easton, MD)
TCYTraining Center Yorktown (US Coast Guard; Virginia)
TCYTemperature-Cycling Test
TCYTutoring Children and Youth (Baptist mission)
TCYTennis Club Yverdon (Switzerland)
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In addition to the TCY system, other cure systems are available (and many have been evaluated) for use with epichlorohydrin homopolymers, copolymers and terpolymers.
In previous testing, the TCY system has given some of the best overall balance of properties when replacing lead/ETU cure systems.
UK-based data centre provider TelecityGroup plc (LSE: TCY.
burnetii IS30a F: 5'-CGC TGA CCT ACA GAA ATA TGT CC-3' IS30a R: 5'-GGG GTA AGT AAA TAA TAC CTT CTG G-3' IS30a P: 6-FAM-CAT GAA GCG ATT TAT CAA TAC GTG TAT GC-TAMRA Bartonella Urbarto1: 5'-CTT-CGT-TTC-TCT-TTC-TTC-A-3' # Urbarto2: 5'-CTT-CTC-TTC-ACA-ATT-TCA-AT-3' # Ehrlichia HER-CS133F: 5'-GGW TTY ATG TCY ACT GCT GC-3' # HER-CS778R: 5'-GCN CCM CCA TGM GCT GG-3' # * Ref, reference.
9 March 2015 - UK-based data centre provider TelecityGroup plc (LSE: TCY.
Primers used for detection of HAV RNA by nested RT-PCR in clinical specimens from patients in Germany, 2007-2008 * Primer Sequence (5' [right arrow] 3') HAV6a GGA AAT ATT CAG ATT AGG YTG CCT TGG T HAV6b GGG AAC ATT CAG ATY AGA TTG CCW TGG T HAV17a CAA AGC TCT AGT RTC AGC AGT AAT TCC HAV17b CAA AGC CCT AGT RTC AGC AGT CAC TCC HAV8a CTT TTG GAT TKG TTT CYA TTC AGA TTG C HAV7a GAA AAC TTC ATT ATT TCA TGM TCY TCW GT Primer Orientation, position, and use HAV6a Sense, 2793-2820, reverse transcription and first-round PCR HAV6b HAV17a Antisense, 3300-3326, reverse transcription and first-round PCR HAV17b HAV8a Sense, 2882-2908, nested PCR and sequencing HAV7a Antisense, 3264-3292, nested PCR and sequencing * HAV, hepatitis A virus; RT-PCR, reverse transcription-PCR.
clarridgeiae, and Cy3 5'-CTT TCY TGT AAG AGT GTA TTT TTT ATC TAA GA-BHQ2-3' for B.