TCYTracy Municipal Airport (Tracy, CA)
TCYThird Country
TCYThe College Years (television show)
TCYTalbot County YMCA (Young Men's Christian Association; Easton, MD)
TCYTraining Center Yorktown (US Coast Guard; Virginia)
TCYTemperature-Cycling Test
TCYTutoring Children and Youth (Baptist mission)
TCYTennis Club Yverdon (Switzerland)
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Laying hens Broiler Antibiotic Resistance Sensitive Resistance Sensitive OXA 57 43 53 47 PEN 79 21 92 8 FOX 57 43 53 47 NEO 10 90 10 90 KAN 0 100 67 33 GEN 3 97 3 97 SXT 21 79 28 72 TCY 44 56 74 26 ENR 21 79 45 55 ERY 55 45 45 55 VAN 0 100 0 100 Bovine Antibiotic Resistance Sensitive OXA 31 69 PEN 72 28 FOX 31 69 NEO 11 89 KAN 12 88 GEN 0 100 SXT 0 100 TCY 26 74 ENR 87 13 ERY 51 49 VAN 0 100 Oxacillin (OXA), Penicillin (PEN), Cefoxitin (FOX), Neomycin (NEO), Kanamycin (KAN), Gentamicin (GEN), Trimethoprim/Sulfamethoxazole (SXT), Tetracycline (TCY), Enrofloxacin (ENR), Erythromycin (ERY), and Vancomycin (VAN).
As you note, the approach into C83 has the WAAS unreliable symbol and TCY does not.
Primers 5'-CCA GAC CCA ACT ARR AAT GAR AA-3' and 5'-AAC AAG AGA CAC AAA TNT TTC CNC C-3' were used in the first round of PCR, and primers 5'ATG AAA ATG GGG TTG GCC CNC TNT GYA ARG-3' and 5'-CCC TCA TAA ACC CGA ACY TCY TCH ACY TG-3' were used in the nested PCR amplifying a nested PCR product with a length of approximately 250 base pairs.
Aqui, las paredes verticales son isotermas de temperatura cuyo valor es especificado a Tcy Tf, bajo la condicion de que Tc es mayor a Tf.
The chlorine allows for curing with the Zeon Chemicals non lead curative system known as Zisnet (TCY) or an ethylene thiurea (ETU) based system.
"We're creating dynamic content that is both cost-effective and quick [to create]" says Steven Tcy, president and co-founder of Beema.
Nor was it possible to get sufficient tetracycline (tcy) absorption into a vine either by spraying solutions onto the vine or by flooding it onto the ground near the roots.
Abbreviations AMP: Ampicillin ANOVA: Analysis of variance CHL: Chloramphenicol CIP: Ciprofloxacin ERY: Erythromycin I: Intermediate MDR: Multiple drug resistance NSS: Normal saline solution R: Resistant S: Sensitive SD: Standard deviation STR: Streptomycin TCY: Tetracycline.
In a monoamine-disruption test using 5 mg/kg (intraperitoneal) tranylcypromine (Tcy), a monoamine oxidase inhibitor, both BPA-treated and low-dose NP-treated offspring at 22-24 weeks of age failed to show a significant increment in locomotion in response to Tcy, whereas control and high-dose NP-treated offspring significantly increased locomotion behavior after Tcy injection.