TCZTocilizumab (diabetes)
TCZTropical Convergence Zone
TCZThe Chatting Zone
TCZTemporary Control Zone (disease protected area; UK)
TCZThe Combat Zone (paintball facility)
TCZTheological College of Zimbabwe (est. 1979)
TCZThe Commodore Zone (gaming)
TCZTropical Cloud Zone
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Male Sprague-Dawley rats (Vital River Laboratories, Beijing, China) of SPF degree (250-280 g) were randomly divided into three groups, namely Sham, Operation and TCZ groups, 15 individuals in each group.
2: Wood residue competition zones (shared timberland) for three power plants within the $10/BDT TCZ in Humboldt County, CA.
TCZ has been shown to be effective in patients who are inadequate responders to TNFi and methotrexate.
Providing a superior alternative to existing crystallization techniques such as Excimer Laser Annealing (ELA) and Sequential Lateral Solidification (SLS), the TCZ 900X offers an unparalleled combination of immediate and long-term benefits to display manufacturers, such as the following:
Anyone who saw the incident or knows the whereabouts of the vehicle with registration TCZ 1127 is asked to contact police.
Available in single and 3-phase ODP and TEFC constructions, these commercial-duty pump motors range from 1/3 to 40 hp and offer NEMA 56C, 56J, JM, JP, T, TC and TCZ mountings.
So our committee decided to omit the sentence 'rituximab can be given under certain circumstances' which was in the original EULAR recommendations and the sequence of rituximab and TCZ was changed because of the advantages of rituximab as mentioned above.
A nested PCR that amplifies a DNA fragment of a repetitive TCZ sequence was performed as described (5).
Safety of Tocilizumab monotherapy and TCZ plus DMARDs in a US RA population with inadequate response to biologics or DMARDs: The ACT-STAR study.