TD-CDMATime Division - Code Division Multiple Access (3G standardized UTRAN technology)
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According to NextWave, the 2GHz spectrum allocated by MIC to IPMobile, calls for the deployment of TD-CDMA technology in Japan.
E-R7 is a new technical release based on UMTS TD-CDMA technology and represents a technical enhancement of the TD-CDMA standard approved by the 3GPP standardisation body.
The company's TD-CDMA technology has emerged as a leading global standard for wireless broadband, allowing operators to offer a spectrum of completely mobile, portable, or stationary end-to-end packet-based services with unmatched economics and performance.
The network uses the IPWireless Mobile Broadband system, which is based on the TD-CDMA variation of the worldwide IMT-2000 standard, also known as 3G, which allows for both voice and data transmission.
The ARC-based 3G wireless broadband TD-CDMA device from IPWireless includes an ARC 725D configurable processor, adopted by IPWireless due to its performance and small die size.
The operators said the trial will allow them to assess the coexistence of TDtv channels with neighbouring WCDMA and TD-CDMA networks.
The solution from IPWireless combines its commercial UMTS TD-CDMA solution and the 3GPP Release 6 Multimedia Broadcast and Multicast Services (MBMS) standard.
The new technology will be tested as part of the ongoing UMTS TD-CDMA trial in the Washington, DC area, USA.
IPWireless said its TDtv combines the benefits of the company's commercial UMTS TD-CDMA solution and the newly defined 3GPP Release 6 Multimedia Broadcast and Multicast Standard (MBMS).
The new NETGEAR UMTS TD-CDMA Mobile Broadband Router has been jointly developed and unveiled by NETGEAR Inc (Nasdaq:NTGR), a networking products provider, and IPWireless, a developer of UMTS TD-CDMA mobile broadband technology.
The company provides netZAP, the only instant broadband service in Indonesia, and has been trialing UMTS TD-CDMA technology from IPWireless, a developer of advanced standards-based mobile broadband technology.
Nextel said the trial would be based on UMTS TD-CDMA technology from IPWireless and would assess broadband options in its 2.5 GHz range following lab testing of the technology.