TD-CDMATime Division - Code Division Multiple Access (3G standardized UTRAN technology)
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According to NextWave, the 2GHz spectrum allocated by MIC to IPMobile, calls for the deployment of TD-CDMA technology in Japan.
E-R7 is a new technical release based on UMTS TD-CDMA technology and represents a technical enhancement of the TD-CDMA standard approved by the 3GPP standardisation body.
The company's TD-CDMA technology has emerged as a leading global standard for wireless broadband, allowing operators to offer a spectrum of completely mobile, portable, or stationary end-to-end packet-based services with unmatched economics and performance.
The network uses the IPWireless Mobile Broadband system, which is based on the TD-CDMA variation of the worldwide IMT-2000 standard, also known as 3G, which allows for both voice and data transmission.
The ARC-based 3G wireless broadband TD-CDMA device from IPWireless includes an ARC 725D configurable processor, adopted by IPWireless due to its performance and small die size.
Internet 4G commercial services powered by TD-CDMA 3GPP technology from IPWireless, a mobile broadband technology developer, have been introduced to Prague by mobile operator T-Mobile Czech Republic.
The operators said the trial will allow them to assess the coexistence of TDtv channels with neighbouring WCDMA and TD-CDMA networks.
The solution from IPWireless combines its commercial UMTS TD-CDMA solution and the 3GPP Release 6 Multimedia Broadcast and Multicast Services (MBMS) standard.
The new technology will be tested as part of the ongoing UMTS TD-CDMA trial in the Washington, DC area, USA.