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TD-LTETime Division-Long Term Evolution (wireless networking)
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TD-LTE is the last generation of fixed broadband and the best wireless choice to provide homes and offices with internet service.
Founded in 2011, GTI has been dedicated to constructing a robust ecosystem of TD-LTE, speeding up the commercialization of TD-LTE and promoting the convergence of LTE TDD and FDD.
Key driving forces for TD-LTE ecosystem market growth comprises of flexible uplink and downlink capacity associated with TD-LTE, interoperability with LTE-FDD, cheaper hardware cost and smooth transition from TD-SCDMA and WiMax.
TD-LTE is one of two wireless data transmission technologies that fall under the international LTE standard, the other being Frequency-Division Duplex (LTE-FDD) which is used by mobile networks.
Upgrading to TD-LTE is a potentially difficult decision for WiMax operators because most WiMax operators have recently launched their networks.
Bharti Airtel has the advantage of pan-India GSM and 3G networks and with the deployment of cutting edge CSFB functionality, we will have the flexibility of using either or both the networks to support voice services on our TD-LTE platform.
This new member of the lightRadio family is available immediately for large-scale commercial deployment in China Mobile's first trial TD-LTE network, which spans 13 cities in China.
In Taiwan, the company has installed the island's first field-test TD-LTE network in cooperation with the National Chao Tung University.
Now it plans to launch a TD-LTE network according to 3GPP standards, complementing its existing LTE FDD network.
It needs to solve two problems of base station density and immature terminal for the commercialization of TD-LTE. Currently, there are 220,000 base stations for TD-SCDMA network and we will strive for increasing the number of base stations to 400,000 within 3 years so as to step to 4G.
Ericsson and Huawei have been selected by Omantel's tender board to roll out TD-LTE technology in Oman.
the R&D division of China Mobile, the world's largest mobile operator, and Anite, a global leader in wireless device testing technology, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to collaborate on research in order to facilitate the global roll-out of TD-LTE technology.