TDAATeacup Dogs Agility Association
TDAATrue Digital Audio Amplifier
TDAATraining Development Analysis Activity (US Army)
TDAAtotal dissolved amino acids
TDAAThe Digital Art Auction (est. 2000; UK)
TDAATennessee Dental Assistants' Association
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February 2017, TDAA mails letters to legislators in opposition to combine all certificates, because many assistants would not utilize all certificates (which are costly) and requests dental assistants be placed on Board
March 2017, TDAA Testifies at hearing in opposition to combine all certificates
March 2017, TDAA writes TSBDE in opposition of verbiage change and recommends using verbiage in law (Texas Occupations Code)
May 2017, TSBDE executive director and licensing director brings greetings to TDAA and outlines proposed bill that will change regulation of dental assistants, but bill has not passed yet
June 2017, TDAA writes TSBDE and asks for clarification on RDA requirements, costs, renewal period, and how this will impact CDAs moving to Texas.
Finally, in this study, color score cannot predict TDAA or TD lysine of DDGS.
Amino acid content and digestibility of different corn distillers dried grains with solubles sources (as feed bases, n = 25) Amino Amino acid content (%) TDAA (1) (%) acids Maximum Minimum Means [+ or -] SD Maximum Minimum Asp 1.
So if you are interested in changing dentistry, or specifically the composition of the state dental board, then you need to understand the role of your state dental board and how it works, just like TDAA did.
What Has the TDAA Done to Promote a Dental Assistant be Appointed to the State Dental Board?
TDAA has explored many avenues to promote a dental assistant being appointed to our state dental board, such as:
TDAA members then met with those identified legislators at our capitol in Austin, Texas or at their local offices.
TDAA has turned to two other submitted Bills which address other changes to the Dental Practice Act in hopes that the sponsors and authors of those Bills will be amenable to an amendment placing a dental assistant (RDA) on the TSBDE.