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Speaking at the recently held eighth annual TDAI Technology Summit, Managing Director Jon Patullo said, "Third-party data integration has become table stakes in the industry - now, what is needed is to forge deeper integrations among multiple systems to automate workflows so that advisors can continue to grow and scale their businesses.
Top of the new enhancements TDAI showcased at the Technology Summit was a new Account Wizard live on the freshly rolled out on the Veo One workstation.
In the latter half of 2015, TDAI also surveyed more than 80 RIAs with $1 billion in assets as part of its "Elite Advisor Survey" about their expectations for breakaway growth for the forthcoming year.
To help advisors meet those challenges, TDAI launched another initiative, the Infinity Services program, where they work with about 120 third-party providers to bring discounted, pre-screened tech services to RIAs.
A packed roomful of attendees (3,300 registrants, TDAI said) using pairs of thunder sticks or drumsticks played along with a drum line on stage that spelled out "LINC," the conference's new name (for Learn, Inspire, Network and Collaborate).
Jim Dario, managing director of product management for TDAI, said in an interview that TDAI's next-gen initiatives are meant to help them "move from student to advisor" and to take advantage of younger advisors' particular skills that complement older advisors'.
So it was appropriate when TDAI President Tom Nally began his welcoming speech by saying the drumbeat opening was "like an RIA pep rally.
Maritz conducted a telephone survey in the fourth quarter on behalf of TDAI of 301 independent RIAs with firm assets under management averaging $232 million.
He and Bradley worked closely together for years, and Nally has been responsible for trading, fixed income, advisor relations, customer service, technology, account services and operations for more than 4,000 independent RIAs who custody assets with TDAI.
While TD does not break out separate results for its retail and advisor units, in his discussion with analysts about the earnings report this morning, Tomczyk pointed out that TDAI had added 389 breakaway brokers to its RIA custody business, which "enjoyed strong growth driven by new and existing RIAs.
It's part of a plan by TDAI to provide $1 million over the next decade to expand the number of college students pursuing a career in the financial services industry.