TDALTunnel Diode Amplifier Limiter
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The ministry said the TDAL also contains digital photo sets of 25 heritage sites from the Bureau of Cultural Heritage's collection.
Announcing the launch of the TDAL project, Culture Minister Cheng Li-chiun said at a press conference, "We are using technology to enhance culture, and using culture to add value to technology."
In addition, most ECC-based algorithm can offer great security level using smaller key size [4], thus using a 128 bit key when implementing the TDAL approach.
As presented in 2014, the game-based secure and energy efficient data aggregation model (GABs) [2] proposes a similar game base approach to TDAL that is investigating the security aspects by modeling the cryptographic criterion of secure communications from the pairwise key establishment, but this model is limited to the homogeneous sensor nodes distributed network, which is covered by this study in Section 3.2 (e.g., Figures 4 and 8).
By conducting ring-down measurements, we avoid errors in measuring light intensity and the associated background noise found in FTIR, TDAL and other conventional IR light measuring analyzers.