TDASTotal Drama All-Stars (TV series)
TDASTraffic Data Administration System
TDASTotally Discrete Amplifier Stage
TDASTest Data Analysis System
TDASTracking and Data Acquisition System
TDASType Designation Automation System
TDASTest Data Analysis Software
TDASTOW Data Acquisition System
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Krakower: I have been an officer of TDAS for as long as I can remember.
The Army has several top-driven methods that it can use to change table of distribution and allowances (TDA) and table of organization and equipment (TOE) authorizations.
The aim of the research was to design and select an extraction method, liquid and/or solid phase, of analysis for these PAAs (TDAs and MDAs) with high sensitivity and also to make possible to understand the origin of the PAAs detected.
What Benefits Do TDAs Offer in Light of Recent Tax Legislation?
(1983) Language Nouns and Actions Naming Test (TDAS: Test de In-house task Denominacion de Acciones y Sustantivos) Generating Actions by Semantic Association In-house task, (TGAAS: Test de Generacion de Acciones por described in Ferreira Asociacion Semantica) et al.
Templer's Death Anxiety Scale (TDAS) is a self-administered scale, with 15 items.
The Department of Tourism's regional director, Maria Ravanilla, said the two are among the 78 tourism development areas (TDAs) in the country that the agency has been aggressively promoting.
"We are thrilled to team up with Clean Design as we revamp our brand, while working to attract more visitors and create new buzz about this wonderful area," said Wright Tilley, Executive Director, Boone and Watauga County TDAs. "We were very impressed with Clean Design's depth of experience in the tourism industry, as well as their genuine enthusiasm for the work they do.
The TDAS runs on Windows OS and was bundled with a custom program made with reference to the ADAS-cog with the elderly under the control of a physician.
Others include tools, latrines, a gym and Temporary Deployable Accommodation (TDAs), environmentally controlled accommodation featuring "ablutions, kitchen, dining, welfare, power generation, water and waste water treatment, fuel storage."
Pyragas proposed Time-Delayed Auto Synchronization (TDAS) [16].