TDASTotal Drama All-Stars (TV series)
TDASTraffic Data Administration System
TDASTotally Discrete Amplifier Stage
TDASTest Data Analysis System
TDASTracking and Data Acquisition System
TDASType Designation Automation System
TDASTest Data Analysis Software
TDASTOW Data Acquisition System
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Present study showed that older adults showed death distress on TDAS, DDS, and DOS.
60 Male 44 59 Level of education Physical illness F (%) Under diploma 25 34 history 42 57 Diploma and over 27 36 BA and over 22 30 Marital status Psychiatric 5 7 Single 3 4 disorder history Married 54 73 Divorced 2 3 Widowed 15 20 Job status Take medication 41 55 Retired 38 53 history Tradesman 6 9 Housewife 12 18 Other 15 20 Table 2: Means, standard deviation and t-tests for total score on the TDAS, DDS and DOS for older adults and gender.
The first letter indicates the frequency used between a LEO satellite and a TDAS satellite.
Since the sum of the individual streams at maximum rates is larger than the available TDAS backside-to-frontside intersatellite data link rate, the TDM burst time format should be programmable to accommodate different operating modes for the LEO/GEO links.
At the high speeds used for the TDAS, it is desirable that the buffer size be confined to a few hundred bits to stay within the expected bounds of GaAs technology.
Figure 6 is a schematic diagram of an implementation of the TDAS optical data link multiplexer, including the implementation details for two channels.