TDBMTrade and Development Bank of Mongolia (state owned; est. 1990)
TDBMTactical Database Manager
TDBMTechnical Database Manager
TDBMTrack Database Management
TDBMTransaction Database Manager
TDBMThe Drowning Businessmen (band)
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Medree Balbar, Chief Executive Officer of TDBM said, "It is a great honor for me to have a partnership with JCBI and BOM.
letter of support from the government, but by TDBM's own ratings, which
rating of TDBM and the willingness of the Government of Mongolia to issue
TDBM's baseline credit assessment (bca) of b2 reflects its: (1) solid
In addition, TDBM is vulnerable to a deterioration in asset quality,
Moody's notes that TDBM's top 20 group borrower exposures were equivalent
The CINCs, Service components, JTF commanders, JTF components, logistics and supporting units all share the COP, which the GCCS Track Database Manager (TDBM) maintains.
This assessment is based on (1) the strengthening of TDBM's organizational
There is a functional separation between TDBM's Sales and Operations
Moody's highlights that one of the positive aspects of TDBM's day
Since our last review, business development activities at TDBM have been