TDBSThe Dutch Ballroom Server (website)
TDBSThe Dream Bubble Show
TDBSThe Data Base System (application support language; eSoft)
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Founded in 1985 as a regional trade and development lender for Eastern and Southern African, TDB has had a longstanding relationship for over thirty years with the African Development Bank as a strategic investor and lender.
As part of implementation arrangements, the African Development Bank and TDB will sign a subscription agreement to govern the use of proceeds, disbursement triggers, reporting requirements as well as other reporting/compliance obligations.
This problem is solved, generally, by freezing or terminating the TDB plan and replacing it with a 401(k) plan, effectively taking retirement savings liabilities, at least with respect to future accruals, off the employer's books.
Third, the divergence between the theory and the practical use of TdBs is a result of their disassociation from the company's strategy.
We focus on one PMS, namely the French Tableau de Bord (TdB), and compare it to the BSC.
Although the TdB has been in use since 1932, there are currently as many versions of it as there are management control authors.
If everything runs well, compile them using the TDBS compiler.
There are a few idiosyncracies in the TDBS compiler.
As a new entrant to the program this collaboration makes TDB the 18th development partner of the Power Africa initiative.
Ramsey Day, said, we are excited to welcome TDB as our 18th development partner.
An independent report released by TDB Advisory shows that the Mixed Ownership Model introduced under the previous National Government has been an overwhelming success, Nationals Finance spokesperson Amy Adams says.
The bank added, 'It is anticipated that joining the TDB and ATI will help South Sudan leverage the limited resources available to the country by mobilizing additional significant resources that can be invested in the importation of essential goods (such as medicines, foodstuff, communication equipment, spare parts among others), the rehabilitation of basic infrastructure and the strengthening of the productive sector of the country.'