TDBTThey Dwell Beneath the Temples (song)
TDBTTransfusion Dependent Beta Thalassemia
TDBTTop-Down Bulk Technology (nanotechnology)
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Tenders are invited for Call basis maintenance contract of schuhfried equipment vienna test system tdbt -6281 for one year
This project includes: The replacement of the a08 - a010 - a012 - a014 gateways for the optimization of the parking of the aircraft which requires the removal of all the existing equipment in the 2 external technical rooms of each of the 4 local and local tdbt locator stations.
Preventive maintenance of electrical low voltage switchboards (TGBT & tdBt) to reduce the probability of failure or degradation of performance of our existing electrical distribution facilities UO CDGE.Petits creative work of drawers heritage concerned: UO CDGE (2E , 2F, Satellite 3 Satellite 4, P module, MN module TGV station, ...).