TDCATelecom Development Company Afghanistan
TDCATrade Development and Cooperation Agreement (EU and South Africa)
TDCAThe Dwarf Cat Association (cat breeders)
TDCATelevision Decoder Circuitry Act of 1990
TDCATop-Down Control Analysis
TDCATraining and Development Council of Australia
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The spokesperson also said that Espina will be a fulltime TDCA while he stands as the PNP's OIC.
The negotiations were launched in November 2006 in order to update the 2004 TDCA.
Cerbo said the movement of key PNP officials had eased Espina's workload since he used to perform the functions of TDCA, TDCO and PNP OIC since Purisima was preventively suspended over corruption allegations.
More importantly, following the liberalisation moment of the 1990s, South African negotiators have ensured that the EPA provides greater scope than the TDCA for domestic industrial policies, including the use of export taxes and safeguards, and supports regional integration.
In addition to the TDCA, the EU signed separate agreements on wines and spirits with South Africa in 2002.
One of the reasons for South Africas participation in the EPA negotiations while it was still phasing in the provisions of the TDCA, was that it wanted to harmonise the trading regime between SACU as a whole and the EU rather than have two separate agreements.
The fisheries sector will be liberalised for the first time under EPA as it was not the case under TDCA.
It intends to review the TDCA with the intention of converting it from purely trade relations to more comprehensive economic cooperation.
As amended, Sections 26(2B) and 26(3) appear to be inconsistent with South Africa s obligations under the General Agreement on Trade and Tariffs (GATT) and the Trade, Development and Cooperation Agreement (TDCA) insofar as they appear to impose quantitative restrictions on exports in contravention of GATT and TDCA and in so doing render the state vulnerable to challenges in international fora;
The two sides were satisfied that the implementation of the TDCA was proceeding smoothly.
It meets on an annual basis, in order to take stock of progress in implementing the TDCA and also to discuss the way forward on the wide range of areas where policy dialogues and cooperation have been established in the context of the EU-South Africa strategic partnership.