TDCATelecom Development Company Afghanistan
TDCATrade Development and Cooperation Agreement (EU and South Africa)
TDCAThe Dwarf Cat Association (cat breeders)
TDCATelevision Decoder Circuitry Act of 1990
TDCATop-Down Control Analysis
TDCATraining and Development Council of Australia
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GTA has an estimated 20,000 registered cricketers competing in various leagues, of which the TDCA is the biggest cricket league in Canada and North America.
The spokesperson also said that Espina will be a fulltime TDCA while he stands as the PNP's OIC.
These countries had to adapt their tariffs as a result of the TDCA agreement between the EU and South Africa.
plantarum, the capacity to tolerate taurodeoxycholic acid (TDCA) has been attributed to the expression of TDCA hydrolase, but other studies have shown that BSH activity and resistance to bile are unrelated properties in lactobacilli [79, 80].
Though the EU's main relations with South Africa are based on economic cooperation, in particular through the Trade, Development and Cooperation Agreement (TDCA) signed in 1994 and effective in 2004, cooperation between the EU and South Africa in the fields of peace and security has increased since 2004.
difficile was isolated from both foals, and the two strains were positive by PCR for the toxin A (tdcA) and B (tcdB) genes but negative for the binary toxin gene (cdtB).
Trade, Development, and Cooperation Agreement (TDCA), which was signed
Personally, I can vouch for this on the basis of the numerous hardships that I faced as player, umpire and an official of the Trivandrum District Cricket Association (TDCA) and the Kerala team.
The EU is South Africa's largest trading partner and officials hope the amended Trade, Development and Cooperation Agreement (TDCA) will boost cooperation between the European grouping and Africa's strongest economy as the recession hurts exports and balance of payments.Aa
Increasing Pretoria's energy security and strengthening its information and communication technology sector are the main new components of the updated version of the Trade, Development and Cooperation Agreement (TDCA) that was negotiated by the European Commission and submitted to the Council for signature, on 4 February.
The Telecom Development Company Afghanistan (TDCA) has signed a contract for the supply of a complete solution for GSM infrastructure and services, including the deployment of microwave radio and carrier-class transmission solutions.