TDCFTable Driven Code Form (World Meteorological Organization)
TDCFTumor-Derived Chemotactic Factor (cancer)
TDCFTechnical Directive Compliance Form
TDCFTransesophageal Doppler Color Flow Imaging (cardiology)
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As before, in order to enable a better comparison between 0D and 3D-CFD results, the turbulent kinetic energy values at TDCF have been plotted in Figure 6(b) for the three values of maximum intake valve lifts considered.
This can also be observed from Figure 6(c) which compares the turbulent kinetic energy values at TDCF.
Figures 19, 20 and 6(d) present the comparisons between 0D and 3D-CFD in terms of the evolution of normalized mean and turbulent kinetic energies and the value of turbulent kinetic energy at TDCF for the three simulated engine speeds respectively.