TDCJTexas Department of Criminal Justice
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The TDCJ has said it doesn't discuss specifics on the current inventory of its execution drugs, but this testing has happened at least one other time in the past year, since it last reported a purchase of pentobarbital.
At the same time, the TDCJ chaplaincy program came under the visionary leadership of Emmett W.
I must demand that TDCJ immediately return the vials of compounded pentobarbital in exchange for a refund.
During 2000-2002, TDCJ housed approximately 151,000 inmates in 105 adult facilities, including prisons (median sentence of inmates: 9 years; range: 2-99 years) and jails (median sentence of inmates: 1.
The education program within TDCJ has been remarkable for one thing.
In the February 1999 final subcommittee reports of TDCJ's Aging of the Offender Population Action Team, several issues, facts and recommendations were presented to TDCJ concerning elderly offenders in Texas prisons.
David Allen Castillo (executed 9/23/98): Twenty-four soft tacos, six enchiladas, six tostadas, two whole onions, five jalapenos, two cheeseburgers, one chocolate shake, one quart of milk, and one package of Marlboro cigarettes (tobacco prohibited by TDCJ policy).
TDCJ officials tried to say that none of the changes needed to be made.
was removed from society after being convicted of murder only to kill again within the confines of TDCJ .
Several other physicians were sent to the Texas prison system as a result of two major lawsuits that involved TDCJ.
In 1996, TDCJ implemented a comprehensive set of treatment and prevention guidelines for MRSA skin infections that included six components: 1) surveillance, 2) hygiene education for inmates, 3) access to proper wound care, 4) standardized antimicrobial therapy based on drug susceptibility data (including directly observed therapy), 5) early treatment of skin disease, and 6) eradication of MRSA from asymptomatic carriers who have recurrent MRSA infections.