TDCJTexas Department of Criminal Justice
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Bryan Collier, executive director of TDCJ, was similarly deferential when accepting the award for TDCJ, saying, "This award really represents the hardworking men and women of the agency and our partner agencies as well."
"I must demand that TDCJ immediately return the vials of compounded pentobarbital in exchange for a refund."
La celda de los condenados a muerte permanecio en esta unidad hasta 1999 y ese ano, el TDCJ decidio que la nueva sede de reclusion de los condenados seria la Unidad Polunsky donde funciona actualmente.
The partnership formed in 1994 between UTMB and TDCJ to provide managed healthcare for inmates using telemedicine proved effective in providing care and reducing transportation costs.
During 2000-2002, TDCJ housed approximately 151,000 inmates in 105 adult facilities, including prisons (median sentence of inmates: 9 years; range: 2-99 years) and jails (median sentence of inmates: 1.3 years; range: 3 months-2 years).
In the article entitled "Faith-Based Prisons Eyed for Federal Penitentiaries," it is noted that the prisoners participating in the Kansas program are offered "classes for Bible study, life skills and computers, and help, if needed, getting a high school equivalency certificate." The education program within TDCJ has been remarkable for one thing.
The mission of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) includes promoting positive changes in offender behavior and reintegrating offenders into society.
TDCJ chairman Alfred Stringfellow said: "They are very resourceful people.
Ruben Cantu (executed 8/24/93): Barbecue chicken, refried beans, brown rice, sweet tea, and bubble gum (bubble gum prohibited by TDCJ policy).
One of their most public successes was also one of Pollock's most personally satisfying: a plan for sweeping changes at the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) that was adopted with praise.
Court Tells TDCJ to Name Lethal Injection Drug Suppliers