TDCRTriple-to-Double Coincidence Ratio
TDCRTechnical Data Control Regulations (Canada)
TDCRTeacher's Diploma of the College of Radiographers (UK)
TDCRTechnical Data Contract Requirement
TDCRTesting Data Compilation Record
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In general, the models (and their implementation in computer codes) underlying CNET and TDCR are the same.
TDCR should be less sensitive than CNET to chemically-induced reductions in cocktail fluorescence efficiency, but changes to the quench function could still bias results.
Like CNET, TDCR is sensitive to certain aspects of the counting conditions.
As in TDCR, the LTAC method provides a direct determination of the (in)efficiency with each measurement.
For the first time at NIST, CNET, TDCR, and LTAC were all performed on a [sup.
LS efficiencies for CNET and TDCR were calculated with MICELLE2 [51].
LSD] were made as a function of the TDCR for kB values between 0.
26 atomic and nuclear uncertainties on data used input data as input to the TDCR analysis code as determined by Monte Carlo methods.
On the other hand, our implementations of the TDCR and CNET efficiency tracing methods are unable to separate the positron and EC decay signals and must therefore account for all possible decay paths, including atomic rearrangement following electron capture.
The fact that the LTAC and TDCR measurement agree to within their respective experimental uncertainties is encouraging, given the complexity of the TDCR efficiency calculation.
Measurements made with two other LS techniques, TDCR and CNET, confirmed the LTAC result to within 1.
103]Pd solution using the TDCR method by LSC, Appl.