tDCSTranscranial Direct Current Stimulation (neurology)
tDCSTranscranial Direct Current Stimulation (neurostimulation)
tDCSTraffic Data Collection System
tDCSTriple Differential Cross Section
tDCSTransform Domain Communication System
tDCSTime Division Code Switch
tDCSTotal Dissolved and Colloidal Solids
tDCSTechnical Documentation Control System
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Simulation experiments run on the modified Gridsim (in which the properties of the nodes and the gridlets are extended, and the TDCS and our E2GSM are implemented into the related class), the received results are shown in Fig.
While compared to NPS, the energy reduction percentage of TDCS is about 15.
7, E2GSM can reduce energy consumption whether compared to NPS or TDCS.
21) These characteristics of TDCS make it an attractive tool for manipulating neurobehavioral plasticity, and it may be useful in enhancing psychological functions.
While TDCS is a form of cognitive enhancement, some use it as a launch pad into the moral realm.
He returns to Little Rock, where he was once AP&L executive vice president of operations, as executive vice president of customer service for TDCS.
Gerald Jones was Maulden's executive assistant at TDCS group.
Halo Neuroscience, the company behind the Halo Sport, has reportedly also been working with the US Defense forces to find out if brain stimulation using TDCS can help outside of sports as well.
Macapagal of AFP TDCS, said, This particular agreement is a big help to the AFP as it can help lessen the high cost of air travel for our military personnel.