TDCTToronto Dominion Canada Trust (bank)
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TDCT continues to offer an open-door policy across the bank to maintain and grow relationships beyond profitability.
This hard reality of banking is uncomfortable for the customers and TDCT is aware of the perceptions and misconceptions that people have about all banks.
Clearly, the above marketing strategy has proven to be successful as TDCT has been the recipient of various awards to acknowledge their commitment to customer service.
The unnoticed factor behind the legendary customer service of TDCT at every occasion is their willingness to "listen", which is something that can never be taught but rather has to come from the heart because of sheer passion of service.
TDCT has been consistent with their quality of service because this year marks their seventh reign of being ranked "Highest in Customer Satisfaction" amongst the Big Five Retail Banks operating in Canada (TD, 2012).
Recently, TDCT acquired MBNA MasterCard and modified the security feature of their debit card.
TDCT believes in embracing technology and the increases of mobile-based technologies have only added a new meaning to comfort and convenience.
Power and Associates awarded TDCT with the highest ranking in customer service, and overall, TDCT leads other banks by a significant margin - a 30 point gap over the Big Five Bank average (TD, 2012).
Customers: Since customers are the reason why TDCT is in business, they remain the focal point of the bank and one of the primary stakeholders.
Workplace: TDCT takes the responsibility of building an extra-ordinary workplace that focuses on recruitment and retention, health and safety at work, compliance training to support learning, performance and leadership development, and 360 degree communication and recognition.
TDCT uses the Employee Experience Index (EEI) to calculate employees' feelings of accomplishment, pride in the TD brand and their plans to be with the bank in one year, the results of which can be seen in the chart above.
Diversity: TDCT has the most diverse employees and customers that are multilingual and come from different ethnic backgrounds.