TDDMTarget Distributed Data Manager
TDDMTeen Daily Devotional Ministry (online Bible studies)
TDDMTime Division Demultiplexer
TDDMTraining Device Development Management
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From the result, it could be found that the grafting degree and the molecular weight of SAN copolymers decreased with the TDDM content.
w] of SAN Core-shell Composition TDDM Grafted on the Sample ratio of St/AN Content PB rubber (wt/wt) (wt/wt) (wt%)(a) (g/mol) ABS-TDDMO 40/60 75/25 0 7.
Effect of TDDM Content on the Morphology of CPVC/ABS Blends
2, it could be found that the dispersion of ABS domains all performed uniform dispersion, which mean that the TDDM could not obviously alter the morphology of CPVC/ABS blends.
Figure 4 shows tan [delta] curves of CPVC/ABS blends of different TDDM content in ABS.
Figure 5 shows the storage modulus of the CPVC/ABS blends on temperature of different TDDM content tested by DMA.
Figure 6 showed the notched impact strength and the tensile strength of the CPVC/ABS blends as function of the TDDM content.
Figure 7 displayed the elongation of the CPVC/ABS blends at break as function of the TDDM con-tent.
DMA revealed that the increasing of TDDM content could enhance the compatibility between CPVC and ABS.