TDDSTRAP (Tactical Related Application) Data Dissemination System
TDDSTactical Data Dissemination System
TDDSTactical Data Distribution System
TDDSTRAP Data Distribution System
TDDSTime Domain Dielectric Spectroscopy
TDDSTime-Division Duplex System (wireless technology)
TDDSTrap Data Dissemination Service
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Table 3 Bivariate Correlations for Big Five, PAI-BOR, and TDDS Scales (Study 2) 1 2 3 4 5 1.
2007)) and by heightened pathogenic disgust sensitivity on the TDDS (Tybur et al.
With the wide acceptance of the patch format, following the introduction of the nicotine patch in the early 1990s, TDDS remain an ongoing area of research because they enable drug manufacturers to deliver new and existing molecules in an alternative drug delivery format.
The adhesives used in any TDDS play a critical role of reliably bonding a device to a patient's skin to enable treatment and are also often used to bond layers of membranes or other components within a patch construction.
Involvement of penetration enhancers in TDDS is rapidly gaining massive attention from researchers now a days and their significant and vital role is going to be established and identified in the world of pharmaceutical technology in forthcoming years.
Ocular treatments can potentially benefit from dissolvable film and TDDS adhesive technology.