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TDETransparent Data Encryption
TDETop Dawg Entertainment (recording label)
TDETurbo Drive Engine (computing)
TDETurbo Drive Engine
TDETivoli Data Exchange (IBM)
TDEThe Duke Endowment (est. 1924)
TDEThe Dark Eye (role playing game)
TDETrends in Developing Economies
TDETime-Delay Estimation
TDETouch-tone Data Entry
TDETerminal Display Editor
TDEToho Development Engineering Co., Ltd. (Japan)
TDEThree-Day Event
TDETechnology Data Exchange
TDEThermodynamic Equilibrium
TDETransmit Data Register Empty
TDETactical Decision Exercise
TDETechnical Development Establishment (India)
TDETheo Decker Essen
TDETotal Daily Exposure (noise measurement)
TDETest Development Engineering
TDETime Domain Encoding
TDETerminal Data Equipment
TDETony Demaria Electric, Inc. (Wilmington, California)
TDETorque Drive Electronics
TDETerminal Data Entry
TDETactical Deception Element
TDETraining Development Element
TDETwo-Dimensional Editor
TDETrans-Data Engineering (vehicle data)
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TDE = Total Die on the Wafer/(Total # of Touchdowns)(Site Count)
TDE Leadership is a Boston based business consulting, management consulting and leadership development firm.
TDE analysis may be performed with the step smaller than the sampling interval, so that one instance of the signal is interpolated [15], but this is not feasible on embedded systems.
These contents served as a basis for the development of items for the revised version of the TDE, described in stage 2 of this study.
Under the TDE system, respondents receive a monthly fax or postcard reminder to report their data.
O desempenho dos estudantes na prova de escrita do TDE foi classificado como inferior em 74,6%, medio em 15,3% e superior em 10,2% das criancas.
De acuerdo con el presidente Morales, TDE invirtio en 17 anos 81 millones de dolares, una cantidad que considero "insuficiente".
In this section, we exhibit improved BSE-based TDE for PCL radar system in details.
17) To validate the quality of TDE in each experiment, each lot was analyzed for inhibitory effects of AChE activity in vitro and in vivo before being used.
The maximal value of total kinetic energy is reached when the sum of TDE and TXE is minimal, i.
Para finales de este ano, la firma japonesa tiene planeado lanzar una nueva capacidad de conmutador; se trata del modelo TDE 600, con el cual Panasonic ofrecera una capacidad de mas de 1,000 puertos.