TDECTennessee Department of Environment and Conservation
TDECThe Drexel Engineering Curriculum
TDECTennessee Department of Education
TDECTechnology and Distance Education Committee (Adventist Education North American Division)
TDECTime Delay Engine Cool (automatic transfer switch setting)
TDECTumor-Derived Endothelial Cell (oncology)
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Sustainable transportation is an important factor in public health and the quality of our environment, said TDEC Commissioner Dr.
I am proud of the BMU team and appreciate the support we have received from TDEC as well as our sister Bridgestone locations in achieving this honor.
We are excited to be part of the Green Star program and recognized by TDEC for our commitment to our sustainability efforts, said Bob Ellis, vice president of operations for Trane.
Our goal is to provide a convenient and no-cost option for residents to responsibly dispose of hazardous material to help protect Tennessees waterways, land and air from impacts by these common items, said TDEC Commissioner Dr.
TDEC administers the SRF Program in conjunction with the Tennessee Local Development Authority.
Bridgestone APMs waste reduction and energy efficiency practices result in improved air quality and demonstrate the companys dedication to sustainability and environmental stewardship, said Kendra Abkowitz, TDEC assistant commissioner of the Office of Policy and Sustainable Practices.
Asked why, TDEC spokesman Eric Ward cited a ten-year-old state law the agency has just begun referencing to deny information.
Assessments using the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC) Multimetric Macroinvertebrate Index (MMI) of these three tributaries were compared to those of a reference stream to evaluate their relative impairments.
Thus, three commonly used methods (PlateCal method [41], TDEC method [42], and Harmonic method [43]) were adopted to calculate the surface soil heat flux, based on which we analyze the effect of mesoscale motions on the surface energy balance and examine whether there are essential differences among the results when [G.sub.0] is calculated using those three methods.
"The support provided by Tennessee development district offices have been instrumental in the planning and implementation of the Solid Waste Management Act," TDEC commissioner Bob Martineau said.
Jenny Howard was recently promoted to general counsel at the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC).
Summary: Jenny Howard was recently promoted to general counsel at the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC).