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TDEETotal Daily Energy Expenditure
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Figure 1 shows values of TDEE and caloric intake in both trainings.
TDEE was greater than caloric intake at CT (8,476 + 354 vs.
For TDEE from Day 0 to 57 within groups with and without ingestion of the supplement, paired t-tests were employed.
The completed dietary intake forms were used to analyze the average daily caloric and macronutrient consumption, not including the additional daily calories ingested from the respective supplements, along with calculating TDEE (Table 1).
5) analyzed the validity of the Caltrac to estimate TDEE across 24
strong correlations were reported between TDEE (r = 0.
TDEE from humans and domestic animals in the 5 districts in Nghe An Province was 933 x 106, of which 371 x 106 eggs were from pigs (Table 4).
There is more limited data on the components of TDEE in children under 12 years of age children, however, the relative contribution of the three components would appear similar (DeLany et al.