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TDESThe Daily English Show (online educational show)
TDESTriple Data Encryption Standard
TDESTriple Data Encryption Standard (Analog Devices)
TDESThe Duke Ellington Society (est. 1959; New York, NY)
TDESTennessee Department of Employment Security
TDESTactical Data Encryption System
TDESTactical Data Entry System
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Immunosuppressive TDEs can be found in neoplastic lesions and sera of patients.
A good scenario employing TDEs gives students a tactical problem and then puts them under stress--often a time constraint, but there are other means limited only by the instructor's imagination.
<p>However, it said, merchants can use "Remote Key Injection services to upgrade the terminals if those services meet all aspects of the PCI [Payment Card Industry] Pin Security Requirements."<p>MasterCard's guidance around RKI comes at a time when merchants are under a deadline to upgrade their POS terminals to support Triple Data Encryption Algorithm (TDES) standards.
Hardware-based 64-bit DES, 128-bit or 192-bit TDES encryption is also available with the Cipher key.