TDFAThulium-Doped Fiber Amplifier
TDFATestis-Determining Factor, Autosomal
TDFATarrant/Dallas Football Association
TDFATennessee Department of Finance and Administration
TDFATourism Development Finance Authority
TDFATrade and Deposit Facility Agreement
TDFATanzania Drug and Food Association
TDFATest Driver Fuel Assembly
TDFATop-Down Function Analysis
TDFATerbium-Doped Fiber Amplifier
TDFAThe Dance Factory Academy (Australia)
TDFATagged Deterministic Finite Automaton
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0 (Performance, Workload, and Training Estimation), uses information obtained in the previously mentioned TDFA phases.
Figure 3 shows the gain and NF of TDFA with a fiber length of 13 m and a forward pump power ratio of 50%.
Both the MMA TDFA process and the DDG1000 MSDA process are good examples of large-scale Navy programs implementing analysis techniques that provide opportunities for dialog between systems engineering and HSI disciplines.