TDFAThulium-Doped Fiber Amplifier
TDFATestis-Determining Factor, Autosomal
TDFATarrant/Dallas Football Association
TDFATourism Development Finance Authority
TDFATennessee Department of Finance and Administration
TDFATrade and Deposit Facility Agreement
TDFATop-Down Function Analysis
TDFATanzania Drug and Food Association
TDFATest Driver Fuel Assembly
TDFATerbium-Doped Fiber Amplifier
TDFATagged Deterministic Finite Automaton
TDFAThe Dance Factory Academy (Australia)
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This dependence will affect the metastable state population of TDFA and thence the gain of TDFA.
The next step for evaluating the performance of present TDFA model is the selection of range of fiber length of TDF.
It is well known fact that working principle of doped fiber amplifier (TDFA under consideration) is population inversion.
Also, the inversion level of TDFA is also dependent on the pump power.
For evaluating the range of fiber length of TDF, the gain of TDFA versus amplifier length has to be plotted using MATLAB.
The equation (17) specifies the dependence of gain of TDFA on fiber length of TDF as well on pump and signal power and wavelengths.
In this TDFA model, the WLTA is included as the major component of Phase 8.0, Performance, Workload, and Training Estimation.
The WLTA, which occurs in Phase 8.0 (Performance, Workload, and Training Estimation), uses information obtained in the previously mentioned TDFA phases.
The Mission Analysis Phase of the TDFA serves to determine and document the overall purpose, objectives, and mission requirements of a weapon system.
In cases where the SMEs are providing information based on their experiences with a legacy system, the legacy tasks are compared to the high-level notional functions, missions, and tasks obtained from the DoDAF model views and documented in the TDFA. As the new systems on the weapon system are developed, changes will be assessed and the functional architecture will be modified.
The WLTA is conducted in Phase 8.0 of the TDFA process.
Improving human performance by employing a top down function analysis (TDFA) methodology in navy aircraft design.