TDFDTime Domain Finite Difference
TDFDTime Delay Firing Device
TDFDTotal Difference Frequency Distortion
TDFDTrade and Development Finance Division (UN)
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In all the situations, FBTP outperforms TDFD. The performance enhancement for the first configuration is in general less than the other two configurations.
The comparison of performance enhancement with respect to TDFD is shown in Figure 5.
The energy consumption of FBTP compared with TDFD is shown in Figure 6.
The result shown in Figure 7 is the performance enhancement compared to the default LilyCC scheduler TDFD. The blue bar represents the performance enhancement of AGAMOS compared to TDFD.
The green bar represents the performance enhancement of FBTP compared to TDFD.
TDFD is designed for RFCC VLIW; however, it simply considered the balancing of influences of data dependence relations and available resources on instruction scheduling but has not actually taken into account the influence of limitation on access ports to the global register file on the instruction scheduling.