TDHSTexas Department of Human Services
TDHSTemple De Hirsch Sinai (Washington)
TDHSThomas Dale High School (Virginia)
TDHSTalent Development High School (various locations)
TDHSTotal Drama High School
TDHSTime Domain Harmonic Scaling
TDHSTanzania Demographic and Health Surveys
TDHSTactical Data Handling System
TDHSTurkey Demography and Health Survey (Hacettepe University, Turkey)
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Approximately 750 family homes are licensed by TDHS each year.
A few of the TDHS district identifiers are statistically significant, suggesting that local labor markets, administrative practices, or other regional factors are important in the reentry process.
A patient with TDHS was defined as any adult diabetes patient with hand cellulitis, infection, and gangrene who sought medical attention at MNH during February 9, 1998-August 22, 2002.
14 According to TDHS,7 the median age at the first marriage of women was 20.
The 2010 TDHS reveal that 25 percent of married women have an unmet need for family planning (7), which is the same rate to that of the least developed countries (9).
Federation, too, will be a key property of the TDHS as health care delivery participants (physician clinics, HMOs, hospitals, diagnostic labs, pharmacies and so on) strive to share health information within the context of ethics, privacy and security (Mandl, 2000).
Understanding this concern, before closure could take effect TDHS agreed to set up an independent review process to review not only cases closed for reaching the 18-month limit, but, in effect, all cases that were being closed.
Protecting older adults from abuse, neglect, and financial exploitation is something we all need to be concerned about, said TDHS Commissioner Danielle W.
In late 1994 and early 1995, the Bureau conducted a benefit-cost analysis of the Tennessee JOBSWORK program for TDHS.