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TDHSTurkey Demography and Health Survey (Hacettepe University, Turkey)
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Protecting older adults from abuse, neglect, and financial exploitation is something we all need to be concerned about, said TDHS Commissioner Danielle W.
To combat this problem, TDHS runs several programs:
Providing additional resources to purchase healthy foods and nutrition instruction to help SNAP recipients can turn healthy habits into healthy lifestyles, said TDHS Commissioner Danielle W.
More than 46 million meals were served across the state last year, directly reaching those who need it most, said TDHS Commissioner Danielle W.
TDHS staff will still be available in the North and Welles Branch Offices on Saturday, June 3 from 8:00AM to 12:00PM to answer any questions or concerns of SNAP recipients impacted by power outages who have not received the SNAP replacement benefit by Saturday mid-morning.
They possess the drive, motivation, skills, and training that employers look for in job candidates, said TDHS Commissioner Dr.
We were joined by more than 100 community partners, TDHS employees, and national two-generation partners, said Dr.
STATEMENT OF PURPOSE: The State of Tennessee, Department of Health (TDH), issues this Request for Information ( RFI ) for the purpose of identifying those vendors who currently have the capacity to provide a proven, evidencedbased smoking cessation program to pregnant smoking mothers in Tennessee.
According to the 2013 TDHS results, 80.7% of the population in Turkey lived in urban areas.10 Because deaths are usually proportional to the population, this rate could be accepted as being compatible with the literature.
According to the 2008 TDHS, 11% of pregnant women and 17% of lactating women smoke [13].
Additionally, TDHS (2015) found highest rate of stunting 33% and 43% to children aged 12 - 17 and 18 - 23 months respectively, as compared to children aged 9 - 11 months who had the lowest proportion of 14.4% [10].
Although breastfeeding is common in Turkey, exclusive breastfeeding in children has reduced to 30% from 42% in Turkey according to the Demographic and Health Survey (TDHS)-2013 in TDHS-2008; thus, exclusive breastfeeding cannot be exercised as commonly as recommended (6).