TDICITechnology Development and Information Company of India (Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India)
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Table1 : Financing of Innovative Proposals by Venture Capital in India Phase I Phase II Time Period Pre-1995 1995-97 Key Features Formation Entry of FVCI of TDICI Amount $ Mn 30 125 Number of Funds 8 20 Innovation/early-stage ($ m) 5 15 Number of Transactions 10 20 Phase III Phase IV Time Period 1998-2001 2002 onwards Key Features Emergence of US VCs Increasing India centric Appetite to Invest VC Firms In India Amount $ Mn 2847 5239 Number of Funds 50 75 Innovation/early-stage ($ m) 657 250 Number of Transactions 273 58 Sources: TSJ Media and IVCA Publications (various years) Table 2: Importance of Assistance Provided by Venture Capitalist As Rated By Entrepreneur Assistance Provided by the Venture Capitalist Average Rating 1 Venture Capital can Provide Funds for Business.