TDIETurbo Diesel Iniezione Elletronica
TDIETransport Développement Intermodalité Environnement (French: Intermodal Transport Development Environment)
TDIETime Domain Integral Equation
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In contrast to the TDIE solution, the coefficients [[J.
However, for transient radiation problems, it is confined surrounding the feeding in the TDIE region, i.
Applying the boundary condition (11) for the TDIE region leads to
In (16), the electric field radiated by the TDPO currents is taken into account, while the effects of currents in the TDIE region are included in (15).
where the variables in (29) and (30) are given in Appendix A, and they are the matrix equations for the TDIE region.
n,i] in the TDIE regions for current order i, and they are solved once for each order.
Since the geometries of objects and TDPO approximations only affect the temporal waveforms of TDIE and TDPO currents rather than the existence and uniqueness of the solution of hybrid TDIE-TDPO method, the convergence and stability properties of MOD scheme are not changed.
until the stopping criterion for the TDIE region is met.
Similarly, the adaptive stopping criterion for the TDIE region is given by
The extent of TDIE region in our numerical experiment is the sphere, with the TDPO region on the plate.
The wires are in the TDIE region and the cylinder is in the TDPO one.
An excellent agreement is observed between the results obtained by the hybrid TDIE-TDPO method and the full TDIE one.