TDIPTotal Disability Income Provisions
TDIPTechnical Data Indoctrination Package (training)
TDIPTechnical Data Information Package
TDIPTransient Diabetes Insipidus of Pregnancy (obstetrics)
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I feel strongly that the preliminary conclusions of the Senate's inquiry, which were categorical in dismissing any possibility that detainees could have been held in Romania or transported on flights using Romanian airports, need re-examination," said TDIP Vice-Chair Sarah Ludford (ALDE, UK).
The delegation, headed by TDIP Chairman Carlos Coelho (EPP-ED, PT), is scheduled to meet with Norica Nicolai (Chairwoman of the Senate Special Inquiry Committee), George Maior (Head of the Romanian Internal Intelligence Service), Radu Timofte (Former Head of the Romanian Internal Intelligence Service), Gheorghe Fulga Former Head of the Romanian External Intelligence Service, along with a host of other high-level officials, journalists and NGO representatives.
TDIP - Visit to London by members of the TDIP committee from 4 to 6 October 2006
In the interim report drawn up after a five-month investigation by MEP Claudio Fava (PES, IT) and adopted by the TDIP on 6 July, the MEPs admitted that they had not found any proof so far for the existence of any special secret CIA prisons on EU member states' territory.