TDJTeam Diabetes Japan
TDJTheater der Jugend (German: Youth Theater; Vienna, Austria)
TDJTransfer Delay Jitter
TDJThe Digital Journalist
TDJTournoi Départemental Jeunes (French: Departmental Youth Tournament; France)
TDJTour de Jeu (French gaming clan)
TDJTemps Danse Jazz (French: Jazz Dance Time; Belgium)
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But Bishop Jakes is much more than a renowned spiritual leader--as CEO of TDJ Enterprises, he's an accomplished entrepreneur who oversees an entertainment empire.
TDJ is therefore pleased to offer a variety of educational and enrichment initiatives: *
Jakes had already moved the church to Dallas and founded TDJ Enterprises, combining all of his creative, entrepreneurial and entertainment work together into a single company.
Like so many producers, he experienced ups and downs as TDJ Enterprises dove into subsequent projects.
The company has already gained the right to acquire a stake of just under 10% in Kopex from TDJ SA for a total of PLN79.
The TDJ Phoenix Capital venture will also provide advice to international firms interested in doing business in Iraq.
He's the founder of TDJ Enterprises, a media and entertainment company where Jakes turns his talents for writing and making music and films into a sizable profit.
363 Bushmaster Firearms 310 ZDF Import/Export 300 Gunwerks 294 H-S Precision 199 TDJ 166 AmChar Wholesale 146 McMillan Firearms Mfg.
15, 25, 41, 45, 53, 63, 65, 17R, B, 19 R, 9 R, TDJ 37/39, Brasov triage station; Lot 3 - Consolidation area Appliances The track no.