TDLASTunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy (Gas Sensor)
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Several PAT tools, such as TDLAS, can accurately measure process parameters at the lab-scale, but the measurement at production-scale is less reliable.
Gas cameras are available on the market but their performance is not comparable to devices that operate according to the TDLAS principle.
TDLAS gives the instantaneous mass flow rate of water vapour moving from the chamber to the condenser of the freeze dryer, as well as the cumulative mass of ice sublimed.
Other potential advantages of TDLAS monitoring of lyophilization cycles include
Lyophilization cycle scale-up and technology transfer if TDLAS monitoring is used both on laboratory-scale dryers and production-scale dryers.
2] TDLAS absorbance line profile calibrated against a NIST gas standard.
The NIST TDLAS system has been described in detail previously (18).
2] on the TDLAS is limited by ambient variations in the cell temperature (0.
2] concentration measured by TDLAS for NO values ranging from 10 to 100 ppm at a constant dwell time of 3.