TDLCTwinaxial Data Link Control
TDLCTribunal de Defensa de la Libre Competencia (Santiago, Chile)
TDLCTokyo Development Learning Center
TDLCTemporal Dynamics of Learning Center
TDLCTwinaxial Data Link Control (IBM Corp.)
TDLCTotal Direct Labor Cost
TDLCTechnical Delivery Life Cycle
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The scavengers' "holiday" came to an end on 11 October 1917 after their representatives agreed to a Board of Arbitration made up of three members--the President of the Toronto Board of Trade, the Head of the TDLC and a mutually agreed upon chairman.
102) The NEP also may act as a party representing the general interest before the TDLC and the courts of justice, with all duties and powers vested in that role.
Un segundo ejemplo son las declaraciones del dueno de Agrosuper, empresa condenada unanimemente por el TDLC por colusion en el mercado de los pollos, quien declaro que "no hay colusion porque aqui las malas practicas no se usan ni se han usado ni se van a usar mientras yo este.
The FNE is an independent administrative entity, headed by the National Economic Prosecutor, (77) responsible (among other things) for investigating infringements of the CAL, representing the public interest before the TDLC and seeking enforcement of resolutions, decisions, and instructions issued and passed by the TDLC.
The share of agro-food sector conduct cases in the overall cases studied by the TDLC amounts to six percent (303).
85) The TDLC is not bound by the recommendations of the FNE.
88) NAC, TDLC, Minutes, 15 November 1923, Bruce provoked the UBCJ's ire by showing disrespect for Armistice Day in an article in the Worker.