TDLCSTactical Data Link Common Software (USAF)
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Patients who had TDLC implanted in the femoral vein had a bloodstream infection (BSI) in 32.9% of cases, and those who had the catheter implanted in a jugular vein had an infection in 18.75% of cases.
Out of the 65 patients who underwent 1 to 6 HD sessions, 30 had a positive culture at the TDLC tip, and 24 of them died.
From the 96 patients, 7.3% had a BSI related to the TDLC. Microorganisms most commonly found were Acinetobacter baumannii and S.
Table 3 shows reasons for the TDLC withdrawals and causes of deaths.
The prevention of bacterial infections in patients with AKI or ACKD who are hospitalized in ICUs and receiving hemodialysis via a TDLC is a concern for health professionals.
Vascular access for all patients was the TDLC, which was implanted by a puncture in the femoral vein in 56.2%.
The presence of the same microorganisms in the TDLC tip and the peripheral vein blood culture was confirmed by the laboratory, supporting the BSI hypothesis related to the catheter.