TDLSTunneled Direct Link Setup (wireless communications)
TDLSTower Data Link Services
TDLSTunable Diode Laser Spectroscopy (international conference; est. 2002)
TDLSTower Data-Link Services
TDLSTime Domain Least Squares (algorithm)
TDLSTactical Data Link Subsystem
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Clinical presentation of TDLs often differs from MS, depending on the lesion location and size.
Caption: Alongside RAF aircraft, the Royal Navy's 'Daring' class destroyers can feed radar track information into the UKASACS via their Link 11 and Link-16 TDLs.
A TDLS link can be set up between two peer STAs when they wish to use a feature that is not supported by the BSS itself, for example, a certain high throughput data rate.
The final Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that spelled out the monitoring required by Unocal's permit included FTIRs, comparable UV systems, the TDLs, and organic gas detectors for both the Crockett and Rodeo sides of the refinery.
The expanding variety of ground, surface, and air platforms with Tactical Data Link (TDL) capabilities and the increasing reliance on joint, allied, and coalition forces have driven a growing demand for TDL interoperability training.
For all the implemented methods, the step size [[alpha].sub.k] satisfied the weak Wolfe conditions (4) with [sigma] = 0.1 and [delta] = 0.9 and its initial guess was generated by the rules in [21], the value of h in TDLS method was taken to be [10.sup.-5] following [18], and the stopping criterion was
Northrop Grumman Corporation (NYSE: NOC) is participating in the International Data Links Symposium where it will highlight its industry leadership in battlespace communications, network-centric command and control and tactical data link (TDL) technology.
Tumefactive demyelinating lesions (TDLs),[sup][1],[2],[3] previously named as tumor-like inflammatory demyelinating disease[sup][4],[5] or demyelinating pseudotumor,[sup][6] are relatively special type of immune-mediated inflammatory demyelinating lesions in the central nervous system (CNS),[sup][7] which mainly occur within cerebrum, but rarely in spinal cord.
Tactical Data Links (TDLs) such as the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation's (NATO) Link-16 which provides secure voice and data communications across a frequency range of 969 Megahertz/MHz to 1.2 Gigahertz/GHz has a bandwidth sufficient to carry data at rates of between 2.4 kilobits-per-second (kbps) to 16kbps.
In addition, the solution supports the national Chinese standard for Wireless LANs (WAPI), Wi-Fi Direct, Tunnel Direct Link Setup (TDLS) and Space Time Block Coding (STBC).
The system also allows Navy ships to strike targets over the horizon by providing improved connectivity, enhanced throughput and extended range of TDLs, including Link 16.