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TDLUTerminal Ductal Lobula Unit
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Statistical analysis demonstrates that there was no association between upgrade to cancer at surgical excision and any of the 3 TDLU variables evaluated, including total TDLUs in the specimen (P = .42), total abnormal TDLUs (P = .56), and percent of TDLUs that were abnormal (P = .07).
Quantified Terminal Ductal Lobular Unit (TDLUs)--Total, Total Involved by Lobular Neoplasia (LN), and Percentage Involved by LN--and Association With Upgrade to Malignancy at Surgery Upgrade to Malignancy Total Sample, Total TDLU at Surgery?
(20,21,24-26,28,29) We defined 3 reproducible and quantifiable features inherent in the core samples that might predict for upgrade: total number of terminal ductal lobular units (TDLUs) in the core specimens as a predictor of overall sampling adequacy, total number of TDLUs containing ALH or LCIS as a predictor of overall disease extent in the core specimens, and ratio of ALH/LCIS cores to total overall number of TDLUs as an estimate of disease density within the total sampled specimen.
Galactoceles are focal dilations of the ductal system resulting from distal duct obstruction of the TDLU. They are fluid filled, containing differing amounts of proteins, fat, and lactose.
Fibroadenomas are benign neoplasms that develop in the TDLU. On imaging, fibroadenomas may present as solid masses with cystic clefts and less often as a predominantly cystic mass with solid components.
Caption: Figure 5: Photomicrograph of a ghosted terminal ductal lobular unit (TDLU) within breast core biopsy expanse of necrosis (CK7 immunohistochemical study, original magnification 200x).
Compared with other times in life, the pubertal breast in the rodent contains the highest number and the greatest proliferative activity of the terminal duct lobular units (TDLUs), the functional units of the breast (Rudland 1993).
To assess the prevalence of TDLU in the nipple we modified our grossing protocol, which consisted of submission of 1 sagittal section including entire cross-section of the nipple, underlying lactiferous ducts, and proximal-to-the nipple areolar skin.
Two prophylactic mastectomies (22%) had unremarkable TDLU in the nipple.