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TDMTime Division Multiplexed/Multiplexing
TDMThe Diamond Minecart
TDMTime Division Multiplexing (telecommunication)
TDMTransportation Demand Management
TDMTeam Death Match (game)
TDMTomodensitométrie (French: Computed Tomography)
TDMTherapeutic Drug Monitoring (pharmacological data; patient treatment)
TDMTherapeutic Drug Monitoring
TDMTravel Demand Management
TDMText and Data Mining (document analysis)
TDMTime Domain Method
TDMTravel Demand Modeling
TDMTime Division Multiplexing
TDMTeamplay Deathmatch
TDMText Data Mining
TDMTechnical Decision Maker (various companies)
TDMTemporal Data Mining (algorithm)
TDMTarget Disk Mode (allows a Mac with FireWire port target to be used as an external disk)
TDMTeam Decision Making (child welfare activities)
TDMTime Domain Multiplexing
TDMTransportation Decision Making
TDMTotal Dry Matter (livestock feed)
TDMToo Damn Many
TDMTouch Down Monitoring (energy exploration)
TDMTransparent Data Migration (software)
TDMTeam Data Manager
TDMToronto Dominion Bank
TDMToilettes du Monde (French: Toilets of the World; sanitation organization; France)
TDMTrev Deeley Motorcycles (Canada)
TDMThe Digital Movement
TDMTerminal Duty Manager (aviation)
TDMTruck Data Memory (global positioning system truck monitoring; Czech Republic)
TDMThe Delphi Magazine
TDMTechnology Development Manager
TDMTemperature Difference Method
TDMToo Damn Much
TDMTest-Driven Modeling
TDMTechnology Diversification Manager (UK)
TDMTechnical Data Manager
TDMTest Development Manager
TDMTelephone Directory Monitor
TDMTransportation of Dangerous Materials
TDMThree Dimensional-Reduction Method
TDMTurbo-Decoding Metrics
TDMTorpedo Detection Modification (for SONAR)
TDMThe Deaf Michigander
TDMTandem Aero Moldova (ICAO code)
TDMTRAC De-Mangler
TDMText & Date Messaging
TDMTelemetry Drive Module
TDMTransportable, Deployable, and/or Mobile
TDMTarget Definition Mode
TDMTarget Data Manager
TDMTelefonía Digital Movil (Spanish)
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Caption: TDM as Designed for a New Injection Machine
That is what TDM initiatives offer to an organization, and, as with any information and knowledge management project, information professionals can play a key role.
The company's TDM report provides clinicians with quantitative test results, historical test data, and practice guidance from the most up-to-date peer-reviewed scientific literature.
The ages of the TDM and T2DM groups were higher than those of the TNGT and NGT groups.
Llamativamente y hasta donde se tiene conocimiento, no se dispone de estudios en poblaciones hispanoparlantes que hayan indagado en las dimensiones fenomenologicas de los RsAs en personas con y sin TDM (Lolich & Azzollini, 2012).
What makes the MEDIC technology unique is the ability to make almost continuous TDM measurements using microliter quantities of whole blood.
In the field of optical communication and optical fiber sensor applications, a number of different sensors multiplexing have been reported and widely used [8-11], such as Time-Division-Multiplexing (TDM), Wavelength-Division-Multiplexing (WDM), Frequency-Division-Multiplexing (FDM) and Coherence-Division-Multiplexing (CDM).
In using purely TDM PON systems, speed can be the advantage obtained, but there is a limitation as to the number of users reached and also there is a limitation as to the amount of traffic a given user can access; this is because TDM uses one wavelength for downstream and another wavelength for the upstream communication limiting the optimum bandwidth for a given user, and thus the bandwidth for that particular single fibre is wasted, while on the other hand specific wavelength assignment for a given customer can be used in WDM PON which is an ideal and clear way of increasing capacity.
The communication link is providing a constant data stream with a fixed bit rate in TDM network.
Analysis of TDM data revealed that 38% of these participants preferred to play an active role in treatment decision making, 52.7% preferred a collaborative or shared role, and 9.3% desired a passive role.