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TDMATime Division Multiple Access
TDMATransparent Dma
TDMATandem Differential Mobility Analyzer
TDMATime Division Multiplexed Access
TDMATerrace and District Multicultural Association (British Columbia, Canada)
TDMATitanium Dioxide Manufacturers Association
TDMAToo Damn Many Acronyms
TDMATime Demand Multiple Access
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Alternatively, TDMA protocol assigns the time slot to each sensor node in mandatory even if nodes do not send data.
TDMA has been involved in these discussions on the classification of Ti[O.sub.2] as part of a group of stakeholders invited by the authorities to provide scientific information and expertise.
Another completely distributed TDMA scheduling scheme, named DTMAC which takes benefit from the linear topology of VANETs is proposed and presented in [7].
Secondly, in the case that two correlated sensors experience different packets delivery ratios (PDR), AA may cause the sensor with the lower PDR to experience even a worse throughput performance than the conventional TDMA scheme.
Current implementation uses TDMA for MAC layer communication.
While in the TDMA period, the nodes stop broadcasting beacon packets and transmit data packets.
In [22], Z-MAC combines the advantages of TDMA and CSMA while overcoming their weaknesses and can dynamically adjust the behavior of MAC between CSMA and TDMA depending on the level of contention in the network.
The two reservation schemes use different total numbers of slots in a TDMA frame: 15 in Fig.
Gilat's SkyEdge II Accent offers service providers, who are looking to build flexible and cost-efficient networks, a single VSAT that can dynamically switch between SCPC and TDMA at any time.